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Child Support 

Child Support is one of the most litigated issues in a Family Law proceeding. Normally, with the help of an experienced mediator, the issue of child support is one of the easier issues to resolve without the time and expense of a high conflict Court proceeding.

Generally, child support calculations are based on the respective incomes of the parties, the number of children involved, the respective time share of the parties, and other more subjective discretionary factors that can be taken into consideration, such as extraordinary health care expenses, and percentage of income used for housing expenses in cases where the parties are sharing custody. There are also mandatory and discretionary add ons  for health care expenses, child care, extracurricular activities, and many more.

An experienced Mediator can sort through these areas and obtain agreements outside the drama of the courtroom. As a result, both parties can achieve satisfaction with the outcome, and focus their attention on the most important part of any divorce proceeding where children are involved-the emotional well being of the children!

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